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Learn from the Expert: Over many years, we have gained experience in training users and offer a range of standard training courses. Whether it is about specialization in a specific program or the training of sales competencies: We impart the necessary knowledge in a practical and entertaining way. The training addresses both end users and IT developers. We are happy to prepare an individual training on a topic of your choice. Just talk to us.

Our training portfolio

Topic Content Training duration Preconditions
Visio basics
  • Introduction to the Visio diagram platform
  • Basic technologies of data storage, access, visualization and analysis
  • Applied solutions in Visio for processes
  • Network diagrams
  • Organigrams etc.
1-2 days depending on the content
  • Common Windows knowledge
Visio developer training
  • Presentation of the Visio diagram platform
  • Development of the technologies for creating sophisticated Visio solutions made from smart shapes (ShapeSheet)
  • Add ins/Add ons (Automation code in .NET, VB and VBA)
5 days, split into 3 days of ShapeSheets and 2 days of automation
  • Solid user knowledge of Visio
  • Knowledge of a programming language required for the automation part: VBA, VB, C# respectively VB.NET
.NET basics
  • Introduction and development of the basics of .NET programming and deployment scenarios
3-5 days depending on the content
  • Basic programming knowledge needed (variables, loops, operators)
Basic presentation skills
  • How do I convey content to the audience?
  • What are the most important factors in the preparation and execution?
2 days
  • Interest in the transfer of knowledge
Plan, prepare and perform sales presentations
  • How is content presented to a potential customer?
  • How to prepare for certain target groups?
  • What should be considered during the sales presentation and taken into account?
  • How to respond to the customers and their reactions?
1 day
  • Basic presentation skills desirable
Azure - Fundamentals and overview
  • Grundlagen von Azure
  • Overview of the core components of Azure
  • Creating solutions utilizing Azure components and aids
  • Connecting Azure with Office 365
  • DevOps with Azure - an introduction
  • ARM and Infrastructure as Code
  • Cognitive Services and Bots - Overview
  • IOT - Fundamentals with Azure
2-3 Tage
  • Kenntnisse in C#, Java oder Node.JS