Perfect interaction

The Filtered List WebPart plays its strengths in the combination with our other SharePoint WebParts, which are optimized for the transmission of URL parameters. For example, you can have your list items filtered by selecting list an list item in another Filtered List WebPart or in our TreeView WebPart. That way, your SharePoint will have an interactive interface that does not reload the page. Your users see the relevant data faster and are no longer dependent on the slow search function. Thanks to the storage of the current view in the page address, when you distribute links, your website appears to the recipient exactly as the sender saw it.

Simple configuration

The initial setup is particularly easy thanks to SharePoint's list views: you select the view and the WebPart displays exactly the details you need, in the order you want them, without you having to configure the WebPart any further. The displayed data can then be further filtered manually or automatically by the user via URL parameters.