Structured for everyday life

In order for you to be able to work with your data, the information relevant to you must be accessible and easy to find. This is where the oneAssist Filter+ Web Part comes into play with adapted data views and tailored content for your inquiries. Use the input field of the oneAssist Filter+ Web Part according to your needs and apply useful filters and searches to your data lists.

  • Gain valuable knowledge
  • Easily filter according to your needs
  • Adapt portal pages to your work
  • Support targeted work processes

Individual interfaces for individual requests

Easily adapt lists, documents or charts. With the oneAssist Filter+ Web Part, you can use your search or filter entries to ensure dynamic reactions on the portal page. The web part enables maximum individuality because you can apply the filters according to your requirements. The web part lets you search and filter using metadata. Your Microsoft SharePoint gains flexibility and design options. Enjoy additional freedom in the way you work, as you can use the filter entries as you need them.

The web part offers you convenience at work. It supports you with its clear interface when selecting data and people.

Customize your Microsoft SharePoint

Individualize your Microsoft SharePoint and build your portal pages the way you like it! The web part interaction makes the oneAssist Filter + web part a helpful tool.

  • Create user-friendly interfaces
  • Gain additional freedom
  • Enable individual page content

A coherent overall structure for your company portal is created through the cooperation of the oneAssist Filter+ Web Part with other oneAssist web parts. Here are a few examples:

Exemplary web part connections

oneAssist List+ Web Part

Simplify complex lists and apply your filters to the data. With this combination, you can filter your lists by responsible people, columns, or individual keywords.

oneAssist Chart+ Web Part

Filter your diagrams and influence them dynamically. With this web part connection, you display your data graphically and generate the required focus.

oneAssist Document+ Web Part

With selections in the Filter+ web part input field, you directly influence the displayed documents. This way you can immediately switch between the language of your documents.