A familiar environment simplifies the usage

With our products, you embed your process portal into the familiar Microsoft SharePoint environment. Here, your employees can quickly and easily access all the data and documents they require for their daily work. Moreover, this allows you to re-use your existing infrastructure and licenses.

Highly configurable - gives you your distinct environment

Whether hundreds or hundreds of thousands of users, whether a graphical or a purely textual interface, flat hierarchy or complex nesting, we help you to find the right process portal, that matches your requirements.

We accomplish this thanks to years of experience and the flexible components we have developed, which can be adapted to your individual needs and seamlessly integrated into your corporate design. Your existing data and files remain and are re-used in the portal.

Our products for your process portal

With our SharePoint WebParts, you create your process portal in a modular way. Through the complementary but independent components, flexible page structures are created, which can be easily adapted and expanded at any time as your needs change.

With oneAssist BPM for Visio and SharePoint, processes modeled in Microsoft Visio are displayed as interactive, multilingual diagrams in the SharePoint portal. Storing complex data structures and using distinct modeling specifications is also possible. With our solution, you can provide targeted and understandable information and gather feedback about your processes.